Clever Energy Boilers Announces Acquisition of Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services

Clever Energy Boilers Announces Acquisition of Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services

West Yorkshire business, Clever Energy Holdings has announced its acquisition of Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services, based in the East Midlands. Clever Energy Holdings, which currently serves the North of England with Clever Energy Boilers, has made this move as part of the business  strategy to achieve national coverage by 2025. The Keighley-based company also confirmed that it was seeking further acquisitions in the coming months. 

Clever Energy Boilers director Paul Calvert explained the reasons behind the acquisition: “Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services is a profitable, well established company with a great reputation. Acquiring the business helps us expand the products and services we provide. They are specialists in the commercial heating sector, and also have expertise in renewable technology. Carbon zero technologies are the long-term future, so this is something both companies want and need to be ready for.”

The move brings the Clever Energy Boilers group annual turnover to around £7 million, with 75 direct and indirect employees. Paul Calvert says that the acquisition will lead to exciting opportunities for staff both current and new. “Undoubtedly the company will grow rapidly over the next 12 to 18 months,” predicts Paul, “With growth comes opportunities and anyone who is hardworking and wants to get on in their career will have a great chance to grow with the company.”

Clever Energy Boilers has been operating for eight years and, in that time, has installed more than 5,000 boilers. The company has its roots in West Yorkshire, but soon grew to cover the north of England, West Midlands and, most recently, London. Buying Hinckley Plumbing and Heating Services means that it can expand its customer base in the East Midlands, bringing with it a wealth of experience in the domestic heating market as well as giving homeowners on low incomes access to government grants to help replace old energy inefficient boilers.

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